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DynaRound RG Slimline System, Baranda de Seguridad para Techo Línea Delgada

DynaRound RG™ (Roof Guard) Slimline System Advantages

    • Lightweight
    • Non-Penetrating
    • Long Service Life
    • UV Resistant
    • Low Install Cost
    • Corrosion Resistant
    • Low Maintenance
    • OSHA Compliant

Fibergrate’s new ballasted rooftop guardrail system, DynaRound Slimline™, provides safety and fall protection on rooftop applications. While our RG system utilizes counter balance bases, the Slimline systems uses both counterbalance bases in addition to circular galvanized bases with less interference. Similar to our DynaRound RG system, each Slimline system is made of durable, weather-resistant fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) composite uprights and rails, galvanized steel base weights, and galvanized connector components. This system meets applicable safety standards in the U.S. and Canada to protect people working at heights.

DynaRound Slimline provides the utmost in safety by protecting against injuries or death from accidental falls from the roof. The weighted base system means there is no drilling into the roof to attach the system. This eliminates any damage to the roof that could result from the drilling, including potential sources of leaks.



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